Muzzle loading revolver shooting range

Practical Shotgun

Here at South West Lancashire Pistil Club we shoot practical shotgun competitions and practice. We are affiliated to United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association, which is a member of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, who are the world governing body for practical shooting. Our practical shotgun shooting conforms to local laws, regulations and IPSC rules. This means that they are the same rules and conditions as the rest of the world shoot to. Practice involves some standard exercises and stages set up by the members and approved by UKPSA members and/or Range Control Officers and/or club members.

Shooting normally involves shooting at steel plates which are placed on the ground at distances further than 7 meters from the shooter. All the shooting is done under a timer, loading, handling and moving from position to position is all timed, this is weighed against the number of plates knocked down. This makes the competitions very dynamic. IPSC style of courses favour the large magazine shotguns. All our courses of fire allow ordinary non-FAC shotguns to be used, if enough shooters are using these they are scored in their own class.

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